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The success of a business is greatly determined by the effort put into it's product promotion. To make more sales, people have to know about your products and services. The downside is, however, that advertising is not easy and it's not cheap.

It has become really important for website owners to devise effective means of directing lots of new customers to their website. Having a website is only part of the online puzzle since most of the work lies in marketing the website. It will be meaningless to have captivating site but have zero visitors on the site.

All businesses are somehow dependent on their website. The success of the website depends on the quality of the content which is featured in the website. In addition to that, one of the ways for a website to have top ratings in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is by the way of having quality in-links i.e quality links from external websites to your website.

After creating a decent website for your business the first thing you want to know is the way it is performing online. When there are billions of websites on the internet and millions added every day, taking the necessary steps to promote your web pages on the search engines in order to get more web traffic and grow your business is a matter of huge importance.

The keywords that drive traffic to your websites can be identified by you with a little work - and note that long tail search terms (search terms with 3/4 or more words) are also quote valuable because they are associated with more specialised requirements and more qualified traffic. To help you choose the right keywords and phrases and be able to target them, here's how to identify them:

You're building a website or updating an existing site and now it's time to think about adding in your blog. How should I do it so that I get the most SEO benefit?

For SEO, this is not good for your website. Google will have an excellent record of who originally prepared that text for their own website and they will then do quick analysis on the new text on your site and see that you copied it.

Nowadays, good seo is 50 small things and they all matter, and not just title, meta, desc, keyword, h1 tags ..... An image with text written on it with photoshop is not text that google can read

So you’ve finally got your brand new website up and running and it’s looking great, time to relax right? Sadly not, for your business to be a success having a good website is just the first step.

The ever growing web has increased it's demands on web design companies significantly, and consequently a multitude of new web design firms are starting up, each promising to deliver great web services to you.

So, you're looking for a new website name (domain search) and you need a few pointers. Once you have a name, or ideally a few website name possibilities, you can go to any of the website name registrars and they'll register the name for you.

If you are having website issues and/or would like to know when your website is offline, then the following code will help you out in monitoring your web server uptime ... and it won't cost you anything. You will run this php script using 'crontab' every 10 minutes (or less if you like) and you'll get an email if your site is offline.

The European Cookie Consent Directive aka EU Cookie Directive has been around for a while and now lots of websites are retro fitting their site with the required code to display a notice to all website users that their site uses cookies. The law came into effect in Ireland on 1st July 2011.

If you are entering the world of online business or you just want your offline business to have an online presence then there are a few things that you should know which will make the whole process a lot less daunting for you.

MOdx: upgrading a website to php5.3+ . I was on the modx forum and google but still couldn't get both of these errors to calm down. All these issues came to the fore recently when a modx evolution 1.0.7 website's php version was upgraded to 5.3.20 and the following errors appeared.

Internet access is not limited to desktop computers but is instead available to a variety of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, and you need to consider how your website looks on each of them. You may have a great looking website on a traditional desktop but when someone visits it on their mobile phone it just looks wrong.

If first impressions count in web design then the type of layout you use should be paramount. Your choice of website layout should reflect the kind of business you’re doing. You can’t use a casual looking layout to promote a law firm for example, that would give out the wrong message entirely.

Here is a hack fix for: Modx 1.0.9 - Block Locked Chunks From End Users. I edited 2 lines on lines 34 and 39 on [root]/manager/actions/resources.static.php to make the customer just see unlocked chunks.

Do you own or manage a business?. Do you regularly analyse your competitors' websites? Lets look at what benefits this simply weekly task can do for you:

Today’s tech-dominated social world is intrinsically connected to every waking day. Having a web design that web-surfers like and remember to visit again is a sure-fire winner for your business. Website patrons today are bound by multiple criteria when judging a website and ranking it in comparison to your competitors.

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