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Ever wondered why one website is a roaring success on the World Wide Web while others are barely able to survive the competition, let alone make any money? On a virtual platform, first impressions are the last impressions and websites that are able to create that lasting impression in the minds of their visitors do tend to enjoy a winning status.

Website blogging as a marketing tool was unheard of ten years ago but things change and those who don’t move according to shifting business/marketing trends risk perishing. Today, blogging has become one of the most effective selling tools in the arsenal of a business entrepreneur. If you are looking for a new sales/communication channel within your business consider a website blog.

Your website is a twenty four hours a day public image of your organization. And you need to use your website designer or your cms (content management system) so as to ensure that the website is kept up to date. Here are a few good reasons as to why the website should be updated

Search Engine Optimisation enables your website to be placed higher than competitor websites in search engine results. Gathering a few tips from the experts in enhancing your search engine optimisation will help in increasing your website rankings. Below are a few tips to improve your SEO yourself, by following some basic techniques

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