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It’s often said, and rightly so, that website designing is a lot of fun. It’s creative work that helps the web designer express him/her self in ways that few other professions can.

Whether you are looking for website design ideas for a new site, or whether you are on the look-out for inspiration to upgrade and revamp an existing site, knowing where to start can always be a challenge. In this post, we’ll look at a few web site design tips and strategies that are guaranteed to make your life easier.

Unless you’ve been on a very long sebatical, you’ve probably heard about the recent Facebook/Cambridge Analytica debacle. If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or web designer, there are lessons that you can learn from what happened here. Here are 5 simple steps you can take immediately, to protect yourself.

When it comes to your business website design, entrepreneurs and business owners are much more discerning than individual (non-business) users. That’s because individuals don’t have as much vested in their personal websites. For a business, web designing concerns rank high, because the image and success of a business depends on it.

Did you know that the art (and the science) of website design eventually comes down to drawing as much quality website traffic to the site as possible? And a lot of that online traffic often flows around special holidays and events, like Christmas, Easter, Six Nation’s tournament, Paddys Weekend, Mothers' Day, All-Ireland Final Day, Valentines Day, Father's Day Halloween etc.

Ever had a customer or website user call in to say “I can’t access your website – it’s broken”. Well, you immediately get your web designer to investigate the problem, and by late evening it’s fixed…but at what cost? An entire day’s potential sales has been wasted. Your web design service may have been at fault – but more likely the blame lies squarely with you.

As you surf or browse online, do you ever ask yourself why some websites look so appealing, while others look positively mediocre? And while you are at it, have you considered the impact that the content on such low-quality sites may be having on the company’s clients? It’s highly likely that the web design agency behind those websites isn’t doing such a stellar job.

As an online marketer, or an entrepreneur who depends on sales and sales leads from your website, you are always eager for your web designer to do their best to promote your brand. And while you’re at it, you do your very best to keep your own web design strategies secret. You don’t want your competitors to know what you are up to.

As an entrepreneur who relies on your website to promote your business and attract new clients, it may be tempting to continue to “juice up” that website of yours. And therein lies a big mistake that many online marketers and website owners make.

As another year ticks along, you are probably wondering why your web development strategy hasn't be paying off as much as you wanted it to. Well, if you are in that situation, then you’re not alone. Thousands of business owners and online marketing companies are in the same boat; desperate to know what website management strategies they should adopt in order to increase traffic to their sites in the coming months.

As a small or mid-sized business owner, how often have you wondered if your web site design strategies, and other online marketing activities, are good enough to compete with the “BIG guys”? Well, research is undisputable that investment in online marketing technologies has a direct correlation to business success and increased sales.

So, you’ve been working on a website and marketing strategy for your business. You have the business name picked out. You’ve hired a professional designer to create graphics for your website, and you have produced marketing material tailored around the new company name – but what about your website name?

Ask any web design agency worth their salt what is the most important component of any website, and chances are they’ll say “content – high quality content”. That’s right, the oft repeated mantra that “Content is king” is indeed true. But the real question is: How do you create killer content that attracts new website visitors and Google?

How often have you had a conversation about website updates with your web designer? Chances are – many times over the years But what you might not realise is that, if that conversations with your web site design team goes without follow-up action, your business operations could be at risk.

When it comes to strategising for your website, you may think that the updates you made during the November and December season are sufficient to get you through the year. Wrong! Online shoppers are a very discerning group that loves discovering fresh content , products and ideas on the websites they visit.

It’s that time of year again! Yep, it’s time to take a closer look at your website design and ask yourself “Am I ready for the upcoming year?”.

Just a few years ago, website designing was considered a science – something that only web-technical professionals could excel at. However, the changing world of consumer behaviour means that a good website now needs to be less concerned on website code, and more focused on delivering a great, client-focused web experience.

Just a few years ago, website designing was considered a science – something that only techno-geeks could excel at. However, the changing world of consumer behaviour means that a good web designing agency needs to be less concerned on the bells and whistles, and more focused on delivering a client-focused web experience.

Many business owners and website owners might feel that their website design is something that is somewhat “permanent”. It is not. The old days, where you designed a business website and never reviewed it again until you went out of business, are gone.

For small to medium businesses, web designing is never a static activity – it’s constantly evolving. Every year, new web technologies come into play, making older ones dated. If site owners don’t keep their eye on the ball, they could miss out on some exciting web features and functionality – at best.

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