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When you reach out to a website design company to get your website built, the very first question you might be tempted to ask is about their web designing costs – and that’s natural, given that cost-consciousness is often the primary factor behind business decisions.

Understanding the importance of a web hosting service provider is a lot easier when put into everyday context. If you were to have a friend hosting a party in your honour, assuming the occasion was important to you, wouldn’t you want to ensure that the host is up to the task? Or would you just call the first person on your contact list and ask him/her to be your host?

The internet is rife with horror stories about web service providers that seemingly don’t live up to a client’s expectations. Before you engage a web design agency to assist you with your web presence, there’s an implied assumption that you’ve already vetted them for all the things they can do for you.

The old adage about websites and web traffic, that you can “Build it and they will come”, is no longer valid. With so many websites competing against each other for the same eyeballs, competition is fierce.

It’s the beginning of a brand new year, and as with many other aspects of your web presence, it’s time to take a renewed look at your website design and ensure that it is in good condition and will serve you well over the coming year.

The popular belief is that when you need a website designed, or when there are changes you need to make to the layout of your website, you call your web design agency and they’ll help you with the task.

Once your website has been running satisfactorily with your web hosting company, it’s often difficult (and stressful) to make a decision to switch to another provider. However, some business owners do have to face up to that eventuality so here are some pointers on how to get it done without it impacting on your business.

When you have what you think is a successfully running business, a website redesign is probably not high up on your agenda. However, like the essence of any successful business, change is inevitable and is an important part of what keeps your website relevant.

Website content planning is a bit like planning your new house: you must start out by knowing what you want it to look like once it’s complete. If you start gathering your website content without a proper plan, you could very well do more harm to your company’s reputation that you can imagine.

In today’s multi-dimensional world of web technologies, working with reputable web design agencies and knowing what else do they can do for you, is well worth your time. You may be quite surprised at the breadth of their abilities to help their clients succeed on the web.

Any web designer can build you a “pretty” website. But is your website really achieving its objectives: Increasing traffic? Converting visitors into customers? Reaching specific target audiences? Only a web professional can help you here. Here are a few pointers to guide you.

With new search engine algorithms (these are the realignments in the search engine code that Google, Bing etc make periodically to reestablish the new and 'correct' ordering of entries on search engine result pages) and policies introduced almost every other day, static websites don’t stand a chance against well maintained, continually upgraded websites.

Overly focusing on “Cost” versus “TCO” can often lead you to make decisions you might live to regret for a while to come! When speaking with a web designer about building your company website, the discussion about cost often overshadows all other conversations.

When it comes to web designing for a consumer base that is “on the go” and on their mobiles, there’s no better way to communicate with your customers, and to increase website traffic and sales, than by offering them a complete mobile solution.

If you are new to the online world, you probably may not be aware that there are two main components to getting a successful online presence: Great web design, and equally great web hosting. And since both of these sides to your website are so entrenched, it’s sometimes difficult to decipher what issues you might face if you choose the wrong hosting company.

If you are a sales oriented business, then having a great web design is essential, but that alone will not guarantee that you will actually sell. Smart business owners and web masters today realise that an effective sales strategy takes more than just bells and whistles on a web site.

When a business has had a website up and running successfully for a year or so, it’s easy to get complacent about the web design and its content. Many business managers and website owners think “If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it!” is a good adage in these situations. Well, that’s not such a great idea any more!

When you hire a web designer to create your business website, as an entrepreneur or business owner, you’ll seldom get down into the dirty details about what they are actually doing with your website build and how they are doing it. Business owners often just focus on business functionality and appearance, leaving it to the “pros” to take care of the rest.

Web design is all about selling: A business that has an impressive website, one that looks professional and which stands out from the crowd, is more likely to generate significant traffic. And more traffic means more opportunities to convert casual visitors into paying clients. It’s that simple!

Many small and medium-sized business owners contact a website design firm to get them started with an online presence. A great deal of time is spent in discussing and reviewing the structure of the website, the content, the message and the layout of each page – which is extremely important! However, when it comes to managing the actual content to be hosted on those pages, not much thought is put into it at the outset.

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