Website Maintenance

We can provide you with a custom designed website maintenance plan starting from a one or more hours of website updates as a once off to a few hours every week. You could then also choose to simply email website update requests to us as required and we will get those new web page updates in place for you within 24/48 hours.  Call us on 01-6216866 to discuss your requirements further.

The price does depend on how your website is setup, what changes are needed and how easy it will be for us to get access to your website code and make those changes. We can complete a considerable amount of work once we have easy access to your website code so minor website updates should not take too long to complete. We can also provide you with a yearly website maintenance contract and we would need to gather some details from you to quote you accurately for that piece of work.

We can also manage everything else to do with your web presence, for example: website hosting, website backups, virus and security checks, CMS (Content Management System) software security updates, virus and spam removal from your email inbox and new email account setups.

Website Maintenance Contracts Save You Money

Outsourcing your web site maintenance allows you to focus on your business and customers, while having experts do your website jobs for you and you're contacted when the work is complete and has been fully tested.

By having a maintenance agreement in place, you're not paying each and every time you need an update done - your maintenance agreement looks after that. You can get a maintenance agreement for 3, 6 or 12 months.

If you don't want to setup a maintenance agreement, then you can opt to get the website updates done to your website as the need arises. This is ideal if you're not getting a lot of updates done in a given timeframe.

Email Us Your Website Updates

With our highly skilled web developers and designers we can supply your company with any type of website update or maintenance that you need - and you just need to email us the details and material (photos, text) each time you need work done.

Nearly all the clients that we've worked with are still working with us, for website updates, hosting, or redesigns. We can do work in the following areas on your website:

Experts In MODX, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento

Is your website design agency able to look after all of your website repairs and additions - and perform all the content management system upgrades? If not, then give us a call and we can show you how to have a managed website - one that doesn't have a host of error messages on the CMS control panel each time you login. Having an updated  (CMS) content management system is essential for your web security and business security.


Free Website Maintenance Consultation Over The Phone

To find out more about setting up a website maintenance plan give us a call on 01-6216866 or email us on and we'll go through your requirements with you.

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